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Hilary Griffin


Art is in her genes. Hilary’s 19th c. Great Grandfather painted the kings, queens and nobility of Italy and Spain. Hilary’s  lifetime of extensive travels through America’s national parks, her time spent in Europe, and her home on the  Connecticut shoreline all inspire her  to create.  Her paintings most often evoke themes of land, sea and sky; her mediums are oil, acrylic and watercolor. 

Hilary hopes her work impacts its viewers while capturing life’s beauty.  Her goal is to make a connection with the viewer; to offer a peaceful respite through the soft glow of a setting sun, to evoke an emotion by capturing the moment of a crashing wave, to engage one’s creative curiosity with the play of light and shadows.

See more of Hilary's work on Instagram. IG: @hilarygriffinart


Hilary Griffin
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