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David Frank


David Frank set-up his pottery in North Guilford on the farm in which he was raised after graduating from Goddard College. He rehabiliated one of the barns that had chickens and built a gas kiln. He has been making and selling pottery ever since. The rehabilitated barn includes his studio with electric kilns, the gas kiln shed, and a gallery that is open both by appointment and twice a year.

David sees his work as a narrative, with each piece telling a story and having emotion. While, David's main focus has been his own work. He has taught at the Guilford Art Center, Wesleyan Potters, Creative Arts Workshop, Wooster Craft Center, and Albertus Magnus College. David has had two articles published in Ceramics Monthly. In addition, he has work in the permanent collection at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC) and the Slater Memorial Museum (Norwich, CT). See more of David Frank's pottery on Facebook @davidfrankpottery and Instagram @david_frank_pottery


David Frank
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