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Anne Coffey

Collage and Mixed Media Artist

Anne Coffey


Although I grew up in the Midwest, I have spent my adult life in Connecticut where I taught math and computer programming to high school students. During the last several years, I have been able to indulge my lifelong love of creating art. Initially I painted in watercolor, loving the unexpected surprises created in that medium. Then, one of my mentors introduced me to collage using my own hand-painted papers and I think I’ve found my medium!

My Work

As many artists will understand, I can totally lose myself for hours in my studio. Creating art is a form of meditation. Soft music in the background, or bird noises from my garden, a cup of tea nearby….and tons of beautiful papers to select from, papers that I’ve created. I’m relaxed and excited at the same time, nothing in my mind but the colors, the feel of the papers and pencils in my hands. No worries.

I make a sketch of the idea I have for my collage, drawing simple shapes. Then I rummage through my paper stash, selecting a group of painted papers to use in the collage. I love not being too realistic. I might pick a soft green for the sky because why not? From then on, the collage just evolves….it usually ends up differently from my initial sketch. I like to paint in a series. That way one collage gives me an idea for the next and I continue that way until I begin another series. I think my love for math and art has come together in collage…..neat, precise, yet messy at times!

See more of Anne's collage on Facebook @anne.coffey.35 and Instagram @annecoffeyart


Anne Coffey
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