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Anita Griffith


“The ideas and images in the clay work are born of my magical and wonderful childhood  growing up in Africa, Central and South America.  Exposed to the folk art of ancient cultures,  my youth was spent within traditions and ceremonies of many people and their customs.  Memories of music, dance and arts flow and merge into my American contemporary life.  The results are whimsical and sometimes anthropomorphic creations.  Through bright colors and symbolic abstractions, I try to evoke the lively world of our fantasies, and the soul of childhood memories.”

Receiving my BFA in Ceramics in New Orleans, I moved to Madison.  I've practiced my art here for almost 50 years.  My studio is side-by-side with husband Robert Parrott, also a full-time studio potter.  Our work is completely different from one another's.  Sometimes we collaborate on architectural commissions and liturgical projects.  

I consider myself a commercial artist.  I've always tried, and needed to, make things to sell, for people who wish to own handmade pottery.


Anita Griffith
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