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Sandra Christie

Kaleidoscope Artist

Sandra Christie's artistic journey into kaleidoscopes is as unique as the art form itself. A multifaceted talent, Sandra embodies a spectrum of roles, including Art Director, Web Developer, Photo Restorer, Stained Glass Artist, Mosaic Artist, and Silversmith. Her formal art education began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in New York City, laying a robust foundation for her diverse skill set.

Commencing in 1991, Sandra delved into the luminous realm of stained glass and flameworking. In 1998, she began adding metal to her works and formally began studying silversmithing. This fusion of crafts, enriched by her graphic design expertise, has culminated in her current focus: crafting collector-level kaleidoscopes.

Sandra's work reflects her deep interest in the intersection of science and art. Her unique artistry has been acknowledged and celebrated in juried exhibitions worldwide.

Sandra lives in Guilford, CT, with her amazing husband and an adorable family of furry and finned pets!

See more of Sandra's work on Instagram @marriedmetals and Facebook @marriedmetals 


Sandra Christie
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