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Kelly Clark


Kelly Clark was born and raised on the Connecticut shoreline. Throughout her life, she has always been absorbed in anything creative—but her love of painting was discovered in high school. Kelly earned her BFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in 2001. After completing her degree and moving back to Connecticut, she dove further into her painting practice. Currently she works full-time as a graphic designer and paints whenever possible.

"The subject of my work has become my passion for being in the water. It seems like a natural human tendency, no matter what age we are—to play when we are in the water. I am happiest in the sea or a pool, and have always loved the sensation of feeling light. There is a calming peace and weightless grace I feel when I am immersed in water. My paintings aim to capture these feelings as well as the beautiful and hypnotic abstract shapes that light and water create."

See more of Kelly's work on Instagram @kellyclarkstudio

203 641-2456

Kelly Clark
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