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Alexa MacCrady

Painter Sculptor

Alexa MacCrady is a contemporary painter, MFA Hunter CUNY, BFA Syracuse University VPA, sculpture and architecture history London Polytechnic UK. Her early mentors include AbEx artists Friedl Dzubas, Judith Rothschild, Robert Goodnough; later mentors Elaine deKooning, Valerie Jaudon; Robert Morris; Andy Warhol. Awards include two CT Commission on the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts, MassMoCA. Exhibitions include Smith College, Sao Paolo and Everson Museum Biennials, Michael Clark UK Whitney Biennial 2012 performer. Exhibited NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hamptons NY. MacCrady's work is in public and private collections.

"Since the 1980's, Alexa MacCrady has worked between New York City and Paris under various pseudonyms including "Lady MacRady". Her work consists of impulse sketches, etchings, paintings and sculptures of street life, dictated by the energy and chaos of construction zones." - Sara Fritchey, Artspace New Haven

Please contact artist regarding sizes of artwork pieces.

See more of Alexa's work on Instagram @alexamaccrady


Alexa MacCrady
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